PPV Buys



Royal Rumble: 579К
Elimination Chamber: 241К
WrestleMania 29: 1.039M
Extreme Rules: 231K
Payback: 186K
Hell in a Cell: 228К
Survivor Series: 177К
Tables, Ladders and Chairs: 181K


Royal Rumble: 443К
Elimination Chamber: 178K
WrestleMania XXVIII: 1.217М
Extreme Rules: 263К
Over the Limit: 167K
No Way Out: 194K
Summerslam: 350K
Hell in a Cell: 199K
Survivor Series: 208K
Tables, Ladders and Chairs: 175K

Royal Rumble: 446К
Elimination Chamber: 199К
Wrestlemania XXVII: 1059К
Extreme Rules: 209К
Over The Limit: 140К
Capitol Punishment: 170К
Money in the Bank: 195K
Summerslam: 296K
Night of Champions: 195K
Hell in a Cell: 182K
Vengeance: 121K
Survivor Series: 281К
Tables, Ladders & Chairs: 179К

Royal Rumble: 462К
Elimination Chamber: 285К
WrestleMania XXVI: 885
Extreme Rules: 182К
Over The Limit: 197К
Fatal 4 Way: 143К
Money in the Bank: 165K
Summerslam: 350K
Night of Champions: 165K
Hell in a Cell: 210К
Bragging Rights: 137К
Survivor Series: 244К
Tables, Ladders & Chairs: 195К

Royal Rumble: 450К
No Way Out: 272К
Wrestlemania XXV: 960К
Backlash: 182К
Judgment Day: 228К
Extreme Rules: 213К
the Bash: 178К
Summerslam: 369K
Night of Champions: 267K
Breaking Point: 169K
Hell in a Cell: 283К
Bragging Rights: 181К
Survivor Series: 235К
Tables, Ladders & Chairs: 228К

Royal Rumble: 575K
No Way Out: 365K
WrestleMania 24: 1041K
Backlash: 210K
Judgement Day: 252K
Extreme Rules: 200K
Night of the Champions: 286K
the Bash: 196K
Summerslam: 477K
Unforgiven: 211K
No Mercy: 261К
Cyber Sunday: 153К
Survivor Series: 319К
Armageddon: 193К

New Year’s Revolution 2007: 220К buys
Royal Rumble 2007: 491К
No Way Out 2007: 218К
WrestleMania 23: 1,250К
Backlash: 194К.
Judgment Day: 242К.
One Night Stand: 186К
Vengeance: 247К
Great American Bash: 230К
Summerslam 2007: 537К
Unforgiven: 210К
No Mercy: 270К
Cyber Sunday: 194К
Survivor Series: 341К
Armaggeddon: 237К

New Year’s Revolution: 294K
Royal Rumble: 548K
No Way Out: 219K
WrestleMania 22: 930К
Backlash: 220К
Judgment Day: 252К
ECW One Night Stand II: 304К
Vengeance: 337К
Great American Bash: 232К
Summerslam 2006: 541К
Unforgiven: 307К
No Mercy: 197К
Cyber Sunday: 228К
Survivor Series: 383К
December To Dismember: 90К
Armageddon: 239К

New Year’s Revolution: 300K
Royal Rumble: 465K
No Way Out: 225K
WrestleMania 21: 985K
ECW One Night Stand: 340К
Vengenance: 420К
Great American Bash: 280К
Summerslam: 636K
No Mercy: 219K
Taboo Tuesday: 250К
Survivor Series: 400К
Armageddon: 320К

Royal Rumble: 580,000
No Way Out: 265,000
WrestleMania XX: 885,000
Backlash: 300,000
Judgment Day: 250,000
Bad Blood: 300,000
Great American Bash: 240,000
Vengeance: 250,000
SummerSlam: 410,000
Unforgiven: 260,000
No Mercy: 225,000
Taboo Tuesday: 180,000
Survivor Series: 400,000
Armageddon: 265,000

Royal Rumble 2003: 585К
No Way Out 2003: 450К
Wrestlemania 19: 560К
Backlash 2003: 345К
Judgment Day: 325К
Bad Blood: Around 400К
Vengeance: 375К
SummerSlam: 470К
Unforgiven: 360К
No Mercy: 280К
Survivor Series: 450К
Armageddon: 250К

Royal Rumble: 665K
No Way Out: 575К
Wrestlemania 19: 824K
Backlash 2002: 400К
Judgment Day 2002: 373К
King of the Ring 2002: 320К
Vengeance 2002: 375К
Summerslam 2002: 540К
Unforgiven 2002: 300К
No Mercy 2002: 300К
Survivor Series 2002: 340К
Armageddon 2002: 335К

Royal Rumble 2001: 625К
No Way Out 2001: 590К
Wrestlemania X7: 1040K
Backlash 2001: 375К
Judgment Day 2001: 405К
King of the Ring 2001: 445К
Invasion: 775К
Summerslam 2001: 565К
Unforgiven 2001: 350К
No Mercy 2001: 325К
Survivor Series 2001: 450К
Vengeance 2001: 315К

Royal Rumble 2000: 590К
No Way Out 2000: 480К
WrestleMania 2000: 824K
Backlash: 675K
Judgement Day 2000: 420К
King Of The Ring 2000: 475К
Fully Loaded 2000: 420К
Summerslam 2000: 570К
Unforgiven 2000: 605К
No Mercy 2000: 550К
Survivor Series 2000: 400К
Armageddon 2000: 465К

Royal Rumble: 650K
Wrestlemania 15: 800K
Summerslam: 600

WrestleMania 14: 730K
Summerslam: 700K
King of the Ring: 150.000 (0.6)
Judgment Day: 190K (0.89)

Wrestlemania XI: 340К
Summerslam: 360К

Royal Rumble 1994: 230К
WrestleMania X: 420K
King of the Ring: 182К
Summerslam: 520К
Survivor Series: 225K

Royal Rumble 1993: 268К
WrestleMania IX: 430K
King of the Ring 1993: 240К
Summerslam: 280К
Survivor Series 1993: 176

Royal Rumble 1992: 260К
Wrestlemania VIII: 390К
Summerslam 1992: 280К
Survivor Series 1992: 190К

Royal Rumble 1991: 440К
Wrestlemania VII: 400К
Summerslam 1991: 405К
Survivor Series 1991: 300К
Tuesday in Texas: 140К

Royal Rumble 1990: 260К
Wrestlemania VI: 560К
Summerslam 1990: 507К
Survivor Series 1990: 400К

Royal Rumble 1989: 165К
Wrestlemania V: 760К
Summerslam 1989: 625К
Survivor Series 1989: 385К

Wrestlemania IV: 485К
Summerslam 1988: 400К
Survivor Series 1988: 310К

Wrestlemania III: 400К
Survivor Series 1987: 325К

Wrestlemania II: 250К

Wrestling Classic: 50К


Sacrifice: 8-9K
Lockdown: 17K
Victory Road : 7K

Final Resolution: 20K
Against All Odds: 30K
Destination X: 20K
Lockdown: 55K
Sacrifice: 25K
Slammiversary: 20K
Victory Road: 25K
Hard Justice: 35K
No Surrender: 20K
Bound For Glory: 35K

Final Resolution: 34K
Against all Odds: 23K
Destination X: 36K
Lockdown: 35K
Sacrifice: 21K
Slammiversary: 22K
Victory Road: 15K
Hard Justice: 26K
No Surrender: 17K
Bound for Glory: 36K
Genesis: 27K


Bash at the Beach 1996: 178K (0.71)
Great American Bash 1996: 120К (0.48)
Starrcade 1997: 650K
Bash at the Beach: 600K

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